Audit of financial stateme

     An audit is an integral part of each company’s control procedures, helping to ensure the trust of customers and partners and providing valuable information for the company’s management. This is an independent examination of the company’s financial statements and presentation of the auditor’s report in accordance with legal requirements.

      We provide audit services to small and medium-sized companies in accordance with international auditing standards.

Theme tax inspections

    The purpose of the theme tax inspection service is to assess whether taxes are calculated and tax reports are drawn up in accordance with the laws and other legal acts regulating the payment of taxes, declaration.

      During the theme tax audit we evaluate:

  • whether the company takes advantage of all the benefits provided by law;
  • whether the company has chosen to apply the best tax accounting system.

     Following the inspection, we provide a report outlining the tax irregularities, assessing their risk and making recommendations on how to remedy them. The report indicates the statutory tax calculation options that the company does not use.

Audit of EU funded projects

     We audit financial statements and payment claims of projects financed by the EU structural funds.