Complete accounting management

   The transfer of the company’s accounting management to the accounting company is a means not only to save, but also to reduce a large part of risks and to optimise the costs of maintaining the company’s own finance department.

       We provide accounting services to small and medium-sized enterprises, taking full responsibility for the correct management of accounting.

     We discuss the accounting price individually and offer a mutually acceptable option. The price of the services is fixed [excl. VAT]

SJSC – from 100,- €

SB and SP – from 80,- €

Individual activities from 40,- €

Chief accountant services

      Chief accountant:

  • performs verification of your company’s primary accounting documents;
  • calculates and declares payroll and related taxes;
  • submits tax reports and declarations to tax administration authorities;
  • prepares financial reports for management and interested institutions (SE Centre of Registers, financial institutions, etc.);
  • represents your company in the STI, Sodra and other state bodies;
  • provides accounting and tax advice.

Handling of an mismanaged accounts or one-off bookkeeping

  We ensure complete elimination of mismanaged accounting from the examination of primary accounting documents to the preparation of financial statements.

  • we assess the condition of accounting;
  • we check and register economic transactions;
  • we prepare and submit tax returns;
  • After analysing the situation, we perform an audit of accounting and provide recommendations on how to organise the company’s accounting.