We advise companies and individuals
on accounting, financial analysis and taxes.

Financial data analysis

    Analyzing financial data is one of the best ways to find out if a company is moving in the right direction. This analysis is based mainly on the data presented in the company’s financial statements,

      After analysing the results of your company’s economic activity, we present the following conclusions:

  • about the company’s financial stability, resource efficiency and optimisation options;
  • indicate the internal and external factors that affect the company’s performance negatively;
  • we prepare forecast cash flows and create an efficient system for their management;
  • we form a system of financial and economic indicators, allowing us to assess the efficiency and validity of decisions made.

Tax optimisation issues

      Tax optimisation is a legitimate action to reduce the amount of taxes you pay. Namely, tax optimisation increases company’s profits and competitiveness. True, tax reductions are inseparable from what the accounting and the provision of correct financial information to the tax authorities.

      Before offering company-specific and customised tax optimisation strategies:

  • we perform economic and tax analysis of the company;
  • set and formulate tax optimisation goals and objectives;
  • perform a systematic analysis of the results obtained and make decisions on possible tax optimisation.

The tax benefits generated by the tax optimisation process are legitimate.

Preparation of accounting policies

     Accounting policies are not only a mandatory but also a useful tool for a company to facilitate accounting. Accounting principles, financial reporting agreements, rules and practices are established in advance. The principles depend on various indicators and are closely related to the goals pursued by the management. Sound accounting policies enable management to make reasonable decisions.

    After evaluating the company’s activities and nature of business, we select the accounting methodology and recommend the most appropriate accounting policy model. We prepare the accounting policy in accordance with the latest requirements of the Business Accounting Standards and the Law on Corporate Income Tax.